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Conspiring With God

Preacher: Rev. David ExleyText: Acts 2:1-21The Pentecost story is a story that speaks of breath and a holy, life-giving fire. With the great “Yes!” that the followers of Jesus give to God, the Spirit moves into their lives and ignites that divine...

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Jesus Has Ascended... Now What?

Every preacher has had this nightmare before—you find yourself at church on Sunday morning completely unprepared for worship. I’ve had this dream a few times and, I know quite a few preachers that experience this nightmare on a more regular basis...

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Stepping Onto The Stage

The 2002 film, About A Boy (based on the Nick Hornby novel of the same name) features two of the most interesting characters to cross paths. Will, played by Hugh Grant, and Marcus, played by (a young) Nicholas Hoult. Will and Marcus couldn’t be mor...

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Room to Spare

One of my all-time favourite “Jesus movies” is a film that was released 20 years ago called the Miracle Maker. It is a strange choice for a number of different reasons. For one, it’s a claymation film with some animation spliced into ...

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Escape Rooms, Shepherds, and Gates

One of the last activities we did together as a family before the stay-at-home order was issued here in London was an Escape Room. If you’ve not had the chance to experience this fairly new cultural phenomenon I’ll give you a brief over...

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We HAVE Hope

Just west of Jerusalem, you’ll find the city of Emmaus-Nicopolis. We can’t be sure if this is the actual location where Cleopas, the unnamed disciple and Jesus had their encounter but it makes sense to place this story here.We visited this locati...

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Dancing in the Dark

When I met Terrance sixteen years ago I had no idea the impact that he was going to have on my life. Our time together only lasted a few days, but the exchange that we shared over those few days has stayed with me all these years. Our chance meeting ...

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An Imminent God (Good Friday)

Some of you know that when I was 30 years old I have a brush with death. While visiting the emergency room to check on issues related to my heart I flat-lined.  The good news is that the medical staff was able to resuscitate me and the only prob...

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