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Paddling and Politics

Preacher: Rev. David Exley Scripture: Matthew 22:15-22 We had a funny thing happen to us while we were staying on St. Andrew’s lake during our camping trip to Algonquin this past August. Our beloved Springer Spaniel, Elsie, loves to swim....

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Dreams & Nightmares

Preacher: Rev. David Exley Scripture: Matthew 22:1-14 Most of us have had THAT dream before. You know the dream that I’m talking about—the one where you show up to school or work or, (God forbid) church wearing just your underwear. I...

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Learning to Love (Week Four)

Preacher: Rev. David Exley Scripture: Ezekiel 18:1-4;25-32 The Ten Commandments passage from Exodus is one of the most familiar texts in the Hebrew Bible, but it’s also one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted passages in the enti...

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Learning to Love (Week Three)

Preacher: Rev. David Exley Scripture: Jonah 3:10-4:11 The story of Jonah is like no other story in the Hebrew Bible. The text is just four chapters long, making it one of the few biblical stories that most people can summarize in just...

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Learning to Love (Week Two)

Preacher: Rev. David Exley • Scripture: Genesis 50:15-21Our United Church creed speaks of a God, “who has come in Jesus—the Word made flesh—to reconcile and make new…” At the heart of our faith tradition is the belief that God’s ...

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Learning to Love (Week One)

Preacher: Rev. David Exley Series Intro: As we begin this four-week sermon series, I want to take a moment to have us open by thinking about what it means to be engaged in this process of learning to love. Learning to love like God loves....

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Called to the Other Side

Preacher: Rev. David Exley • Scripture Reading: Romans 8-12-25 •For a long time my favourite passage of scripture was the parable found in Matthew 25—the one with the sheep and the goats. Many of us know this parable of Jesus where he pain...

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God Saw How Good It Was

SCRIPTURE: Genesis 1-2:2 PREACHER: Rev. David ExleyOne of the first things you do in Seminary when you study the Hebrew Bible (what we most often refer to, in our tradition, as the Old Testament) is you look at how the Judeo-Christian creation n...

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