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A Silent God

Preacher: Rev. David ExleyScripture: Matthew 25:31-46The last time I had an extended stay in Washington, D.C. was 13 years ago. As a youth minister working in the Presbyterian Church in the U.S. I took a group of middle school students and adult lead...

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In Jeopardy?

Preacher: Rev. David ExleyScripture: Matthew 25:14-30The world lost a legend this week—a Canadian legend. We knew the day would come—and it would be sometime soon—but when the news of Alex Trebek’s passing (the longtime host of Jeopardy) emer...

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 Finding Our Destination

Preacher: Rev. David Exley Scripture: Psalm 46 The great Albert Einstein was on a train leaving Princeton Junction in New Jersey, heading north. When the conductor came to his seat, Einstein was unable to find his ticket. He searched throug...

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