What’s unique about Riverside?

Riverside United Church is a community of faith focused on following Jesus teachings and making his presence known in our community by the way we live. It’s pretty hard to describe ourselves succinctly and that’s probably a good thing, because we’re not too fond of stereotypes. Perhaps the easiest way to put it is that we’re on a journey and we want to help each other get there. Our pasts differ from one another’s and our current situations vary too. But we’ve committed ourselves to following the life and teachings of Jesus in real and practical ways, and we’ve chosen to do this together. We would love to meet you any Sunday morning.


What’s the difference between the 8:44 and 10:30 a.m. services?

The 8:44 service is a simplified, meaningful worship experience for persons longing to re-connect with church or perhaps connect for the first time. Services are typically 45 minutes in length and are filled with contemplative, guitar-based music, prayer and a message. The 10:30 service is a traditional worship service with blended worship for persons who appreciate strong hymn singing, a choir, church organ and a more formal yet still relaxed worship atmosphere. Children's programming and Nursery care is available at both services.


Where do I park?

Our recent expansion project has helped to provide additional parking spaces for Sunday morning worship and other church events. On most Sundays, you should not have a problem finding a spot in the main parking lot. An optional place to park is next to MacKillop Park just east of the church on Riverside Drive. Seniors, those with infants are encouraged use the main parking lot. Parking is also available on the streets surrounding the church. When parking on the local streets we urge you to stay clear of private drives, park close to the curb, and observe all posted parking regulations.


Will I be expected to give?

There is no obligation to give. Offering is an act of worship for Christians. It is symbolic of the fact that we believe everything we are and have comes from the generous nature of God. It is also an act of our reciprocal generosity. Offerings support the ministry programs which make possible all our mission to our congregation and our community, and various programs across Canada and throughout the world to help others. It is perfectly acceptable to let the offering plate pass you by. If you put your gift in one of the small envelopes found in the pews, fill out the info, we will make sure to send you a tax receipt. If you decide to make Riverside your home congregation, there are several ways to participate in the offering. More information is available by contacting the church office.


What do I wear?

Some wear their "Sunday best,” and just as many others wear comfortable, casual clothes. We’re more interested in who you are, than in what you wear.


Is the church handicapped accessible?

Yes, the whole church is now accessible. Our main entrance (west) on Dunedin Drive is fully accessible and equipped with an opener. You can get there from the parking lot or one of our sidewalks from Dunedin Drive. Handicapped parking spots are posted along Dunedin Drive in front of the church and in our parking lot. Our new entrance on the north side of the building leads into a lobby with an elevator. 

The sanctuary, multi purpose room and auditorium are fully accessible with an elevator and there are wheelchair friendly washrooms on each level.


How do I become a member?

Some persons discover that they wish to take the step of becoming a member of Riverside. There are many and varied reasons for doing so. If you find yourself wondering about this, please contact the church office or speak directly with the minister.





695 Riverside Drive
London, Ontario • N6H 2S3
(formerly 451 Dunedin Drive)
Phone: (519) 472-6071
Fax: (519) 472-3376

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695 Riverside Drive • London, Ontario • N6H 2S3
(formerly 451 Dunedin Drive)
Phone: (519) 472-6071
Fax: (519) 472-3376