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Children's Worship - May 31

A story about "Two Brave Women!" Tomorrow our Children, Youth and Family Ministry Video Lesson for tomorrow will feature "Ruth and Naomi" from the Book of Ruth. The theme is centered around friendship and faithfulness and trust and how these things p...

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Children's Worship - May 24, 2020

In today's video, Samson and Delilah, Marilyn Arthur, our Director of Children and Youth Ministries explores the notion of strength--not just about physical strength but about strength in our hearts and minds. The message teaches us how not to give u...

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Children's Worship - May 10

In this video Marilyn shares with us a special Mother's Day Greeting, the Lighting of the Christ Candle, and a story prepared by Linda Thompson, our Children's Worship Coordinator. The story comes from the Book of Acts  about two disciples who h...

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Children's Worship - May 3, 2020

A lesson that asks us to consider the question: What is it like to forgive other people?" Based on the Gospel reading, Marilyn will take us through a discussion on the meaning of the parable and how it might be applied to real-life situations now!

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Youth Worship - April 26, 2020

You and your family are invited to join Marilyn Arthur as she asks us to consider whether there is a difference between what we need and what we want. Based on Scripture adapted for Children, Marilyn will offer insights on how, with the help of our f...

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